I’m nerdboy64. I’m a gamer, artist, and amateur programmer with a slight case of Anglophilia and an obsession with powers of two. I got my start in Minecraft modding, but have since branched out into (attempts at) making my own games. There’s no money involved; it’s merely a fun hobby and what I work on depends on what sounds interesting at the moment.

Site News:

Some of you may have seen my post from a couple weeks ago entitled “Looking to the Future,” discussing how I wanted to create a more professional image for myself. As part of that, I mentioned that I wanted to launch a new website for any actual games I made, leaving this one for personal things. Well, that part of my vision has been realized, so head on over to Brass Watch Games and check it out!

BWG Logo

BWG will be the new home for Shipyard and any full games I make. Other projects, including my Minecraft mods, will stay right where they are.